Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Artist's Response To The Visual Enquiry

It is not surprising that Ella has a dramatic response to the stimulating experiences of studying in Singapore. The rich and diverse nature of cultural experiences to be had there can only add to Ella’s Celtic background. Ella, coming as she does from an Island similar in size to that of Singapore, but with a completely differing heritage and culture. Ella’s native island is rich in Celtic and Norse Art. The ancient crosses that have inspired such artists as Archibald Knox. Knox who became a leading light in the art nouveau movement was inspired by the intertwining designs of the Celtic and Norse crosses found in the Isle of Man.
I first became aware of Ella’s talent as an artist when her school entered one of her paintings in the prestigious Singer & Friedlander/Isle of Man Examiner art competition. This painting, which was a finalist in the competition now hangs in my private gallery, and was the start of my collection of Ella Magee works of art.
Whilst Ella was a student at the Cyprus College of Art she did a study of one of my granddaughters, and that drawing in also now part of our private collection.
When as a student at the University of Gloucestershire, Ella had her first major exhibition. Unfortunately I did not attend the exhibition but was privileged to see a number of photographs of her work and was most interested to read the most favourable review of her work in the press. It must have been most heartening for an aspiring artist to have received such a thoughtful and positive review.
I next saw Ella’s work whilst she was on a scholarship to study 2 semesters of Art History at McPherson College, Kansas, U.S. At that time Ella’s work was inspired by the work of the great American artist Georgia O’Keefe. After a visit to Santa Fe in New Mexico, Ella painted a number of works drawing on this influence, again I am privileged to say now hang in our private gallery.
I have observed her work in the film industry and in particular her part both as an actress and assistant director in the major film ‘On a Clear day’ directed by Gaby Dellal and staring Brenda Blethyn.
Ella’s work as a photographer made the front page of the national press at the time of the Tsunami in Thailand. Ella was spending a quite Christmas when she got caught up this most horrific event.
I have recently seen a short film made by Ella entitled Mr Goh Tie Teng,. It was for the Displacement exhibition, a collaboration between Singapore and Indonesian artists. The work was about displacement, displacement of media, genre and the physical displacement of ones self.

It is with regret that I will not be able to attend Ella’s current exhibition on Pulau Ubin. However, I am sure those of you who are able to attend will enjoy a life changing experience.
An Art Lover
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