Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Reaction To The Invitation To "Pilgrims' Process"

Robert Guth's reaction to the invite

This statue was meant to end up in the Hindu temple in Flory but because it was broken they don't want it. In India they would throw it in the Ganges or a nearby river to return to the earth. Here the community decided that they probably should not throw it in the lake or the Cotter river so they were going to throw it in or dam - From there I'm guessing that dad negotiated that we would just take care of it. The preamble is that five years ago my father wanted to set up the "Australian Kwan yin Temple". When we bought the farm I claimed a shed as my studio and darkroom, I never really got around to fitting it out so naturedly dad was eyeing off my shed as his venue. We cut the deal with that if he could get a 4 foot high statue (temple quality) of a deity (any deity) he could have the space. So now he has manifested the statue but the shed burnt down in the 2003 fires.

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